“Don’t Make Waves” trailer (1967)

The beach culture and the iron game of 1960s California come alive in the 1967 movie Don’t Make Waves, which features competitive bodybuilder Dave Draper. Today we present an original theatrical trailer for this fun and quirky film, starring Tony Curtis as an East Coast executive who has decided to move out west and get a fresh start. Sharon Tate and Claudia Cardinale also appear in prominent roles.

This motion picture was based on the 1960 novel Muscle Beach, by Ira Wallach. Is there anything as exhilarating as lifting heavy weights at a warm and sunny beach? As you may know, “Muscle Beach” is not merely some vague mythic cultural concept. It is a real, tangible place; indeed, it has in fact been two different places, starting at Santa Monica, CA in the 1930s, with the moniker later being taken up by Venice Beach after the facilities at Santa Monica were shut down in the late 1950s. The early history of Muscle Beach will be presented at a later date here at FOUNDATIONS OF IRON.

Don’t Make Waves is available for purchase via Warner Bros.’ “Archive Collection” on MOD DVD: link for purchase (opens in new window/tab).

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