The Protein Dilemma (Part 2 of 3) – Vince Gironda to Gene Mozēe (1995)

Today we continue with the second part of the Gironda/Mozēe article which was started last week with Part 1. Here, as transcribed by Gene Mozēe, physique development expert Vince Gironda recommends periodic consumption of only vegetables, as well as intake of raw animal proteins such as meat and milk. It should be noted that current health experts would likely advise strongly against the latter.


Vince Gironda as he appeared at over sixty years old. Click to enlarge (appears in new window/tab

Manuscript excerpt:

Over-cooking proteins causes putrefaction in the intestinal tract. Meat should always be eaten as rare as possible, and this applies for fish,also, which is usually always over-cooked. Protein putrefaction (over-cooked proteins) causes acidity in the liver, which is the largest, most important organ in the body–it has 67 known functions. Without an alkaline liver, you cannot hope to produce good, rich blood to feed the muscle tissues you are trying to develop.

The average American male eats his own weight in protein each year. We are the largest consumers of protein in the world. If you want a real jolt of realization, sit down and figure out just how much protein you, the average bodybuilder, are consuming per year. I would estimate that your intake is three to six times over the average. Correct? Please don’t misinterpret what I’m saying. Protein is vitally necessary, but remember that nature preaches balance! Don’t try to dictate to her but rather try to understand her if you’re not making the gains you want.

Did you ever stop to consider that the biggest, strongest, most muscular animals in the world are essentially vegetarians? The gorilla and the bear are prime examples of this. Yet, don’t be misled by that statement, because I don’t advocate total vegetarianism for humans nor do I believe you can remain in a state of buoyant health on a no-protein diet.

I do think results (better gains) can be achieved by laying off protein at regular intervals to give the body a chance to alkalize and detoxify from excessive protein intake and over-supplementation which almost all bodybuilders employ to force maximum gains.

On weekends, when not working out, bodybuilders should eat only steamed vegetables such as celery, stringbeans, zuccini, eggplant, yellow squash, ratabaga, leafy greens and potatoes. I advise steaming because herbivorous animals (feeding chiefly on grass or other plants) use fermentation to break down cellulose. They have an extra stomach for this purpose. But man must resort to the use of heat to accomplish the same results.

Muscle meats should be eaten raw (Tartar Steak) or rare, because well-cooked protein (and this included the egg) is digested with difficulty and produces toxemia. Over-cooked meat robs the liver of sodium faster than it can be replaced by the diet. As the liver tires, the toxemia increases. The adrenal glands will then go into action, trying to compensate for the liver’s failure by super-oxidation, forcing the kidneys to increase their functions. When both the kidneys and liver become exhausted, they attempt to eliminate through other organs that normally secrete protein acids, the mucous membranes and the skin.

The more protein is heated or cooked, the more its colloid form is changed. Hydrophilic colloids are changed to hydrophobic colloids. Our liver is equipped to handle hydrophilic colloids, the waste products of which are easily neutralized by the liver’s storehouse of sodium. These are eliminated in the bile as harmless complex sodium cholates. The kidneys also assist in removing nitrogen wastes as urea. Heating proteins also causes putrifaction in the intestines and this causes the onset of degenerative disease.

It should be noted that the liver can handle only one type of protein at a time so don’t mix two proteins at a meal if you want maximum digestion. Until quite recently, the medical profession believed that excess protein was always eliminated chiefly by the kidneys. Now we know that excess protein can be stored in the body’s cells with disasterous results.

One of the main sources of over-acidity is excess protein in the tissues. The body that becomes too saturated with protein finds its nitrogen metabolism disturbed and if the bodybuilder does not keep his body in positive nitrogen balance, he can not develop muscle tissue!

I’d like to mention that raw cow’s milk is a remarkable protein for the bodybuilder’s needs because of its growth-producing faculties (muscle building). The reason for this is that cow’s milk was intended to nourish calves, not humans. It has a much higher percentage of protein than human milk. Goat’s milk is closest to human milk but is somewhere in between cow and human milk. Human milk contains less protein than that of any other mammal, probably because the human infant only doubles its weight in the first six months but the calf doubles the weight of its bones every month.

[To be concluded next week, right here at FOUNDATIONS OF IRON!]

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