Welcome to FOUNDATIONS OF IRON, an online archive and library of old-school strength and physique training information! The primary focus is on weight training from approximately the 1930s to the mid 1960s, but we will sometimes venture a little outside this time period or into broader areas such as general fitness, nutrition, or training for sports performance, as such subjects were understood in past decades.

This site will feature excerpts from physical fitness publications that have long been out of print, generally with our own annotations or introductory comments. We will also present relevant and interesting film or video footage with our commentary or notes, as well as reviews of movies and publications that spotlight historical aspects of weight training, and the occasional foray into classic historic gyms.

In the iron game, the 1970s are often considered a “Golden Era,” the beginning of the modern era of strength and fitness, when this field blossomed and gained wider public recognition and acceptance. However, this tends to overshadow the pioneering work and the wealth of information that came from previous decades. After all, how did the champions of the ’70s Golden Era learn their craft in the first place? On the other hand, there has also been increasing emphasis on going far back to the “strongman” feats and training of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This site seeks to bridge the wide gap between the two eras, focusing on the intervening decades in the middle of the twentieth century. Hopefully, the information posted on this site will provide readers with insights on past individuals, events, and training methods that may no longer be so well-known. FOUNDATIONS OF IRON is humbly presented to the public as an informative and hopefully interesting and entertaining sojourn into the history of the iron game. Please accept this site it in that spirit.

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Before any substantial excerpts are posted on FOUNDATIONS OF IRON, efforts are taken in good faith to verify that they are from out-of-print historical publications that are now only available as older collectibles, and that the excerpts included in the post are not available in publications currently or recently in print, whether in hard-copy or electronic format (other than third-party reprints of materials that have fallen into the public domain or have apparently been abandoned/orphaned). We also endeavor to minimize duplication of work that has been done by other blogs or websites. For example, on this site you may not see many materials from Anthony Ditillo, Steve Reeves, Vince Gironda, or John McCallum, as others have taken up their mantles and republished or redistributed a good deal of those writings in excellent form elsewhere.

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