Recommended links

Following is a list of links to selected blogs, online publications, and other internet resources where you can find either training information or history from the classic eras of physical culture and the iron game, or some combination thereof, available for free reading or viewing. These links are available and recommended as of the date this page was last updated. All links open in a new window/tab. You may report any broken links through our “Contact” page, accessible from the “Home” menu.

’70s Big blog – One of the rare pointers to post-1960s weight training that you will see here. This blog focuses on building solid strength and mass based on the methods of 1970s powerlifting and Olympic lifting.

Dave Draper – The official website of Dave Draper, who got his start in physique training and competition in the early ’60s and is still going strong in the vicinity of Santa Cruz, CA, USA. His site contains lots of practical weight training information taken from his decades of experience, as well as an informative and friendly message board.’s Exercise page – A highly informative free online library of exercises and anatomy, with videos demonstrating each exercise, and diagrams of muscle groups. If you have any question about proper technique or execution of an exercise mentioned on FOUNDATIONS OF IRON, you may find answers on

Iron Game History – An occasional newsletter from the University of Texas at Austin’s H.J. Lutcher Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports (that’s quite a mouthful), presenting a wealth of insightful articles dealing with the diverse historical facets of strength training.

Iron Guru – A veritable goldmine of excerpts on weight training and nutrition from the writings of “the Iron Guru” Vince Gironda, a trainer to physique champions and Hollywood stars at his gym in North Hollywood from the 1940s all the way to the early 1990s.

Physical Culture Study – PhD student Conor Heffernan’s blog, featuring numerous excellent articles on all aspects of physical fitness, from early history to practical tips for getting in shape and eating healthy today.

The Tight Tan Slacks of Dezso Ban – Named after a famed Hungarian Olympic weightlifter who also happened to have a master’s degree in physics, this site is perhaps the internet’s most exhaustive library of strength training articles ranging over the past several decades.