The Art of Physique Development – Bruce Randall (1970)

This excerpt is from 1959 Mr. Universe winner Bruce Randall’s book The Barbell Way to Physical Fitness (1970), an excellent hardcover volume that explains the how and why of weight training for physical fitness for everyone from athletes to business executives to kids, also including some information on good nutrition and healthy living, and covering various exercises from the most basic beginner level to somewhat more advanced methods. The text below is the fourteenth chapter of Randall’s book, and it addresses the concept of training specifically for aesthetic, cosmetic physique development.

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Bruce Randall was certainly well experienced in changing his physique. Before he ever competed in physique contests, he had been a strongman or powerlifter, eating copious amounts of food every day for the sake of building sheer strength and bulk. In the process he reached a decidedly non-lean body weight of more than 400 lbs! Continue reading